Reline Equipment

Our team of Technicians are on the ground, doing what it takes to keep process plants running! GEARS Mining is your one-stop-shop for all your process plant needs, from supplying new and replacement mining parts to installing and repairing these parts.

As a service company and equipment manufacturer, everything we do revolves around process plant efficiency. We are there with them hour after hour, day after day, ensuring their safety and working with them side by side. We know what they put on the line every day, so we don’t take any risks with their safety or the quality of our work.

Reduce downtime, increase production and save money with a GEARS Mining mill relining solution.


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Service & Support

GEARS Mining offers a full range of spare parts supply and site services, including commissioning, training, preventative maintenance, reline support, five year/
1000hr and ten year/2000hour rebuilds.

GEARS Mining has established an excellent reputation for onsite service delivery, resulting in exponential growth since its establishment. GEARS Mining will fully support you with any maintenance requirements.

GEARS Mining monitor our performance and keep our expectations high. The fundamental KPI that GEARS Mining measures itself on is equipment availability; this is achieved through outstanding service and maintenance practices that have been harnessed and combined to design machines and products to the highest quality that can withstand the precision of relining. These processes
ensure reliability and ease of service and maintenance to maximise equipment uptime and reduce reline times. GEARS Mining Mill Liner Handlers are optimised for
operators, owners and service personnel.

GEARS Mining has strategically placed Service Centres located around the globe in key mining areas to ensure we can fully support all our equipment. GEARS Mining has Technicians available from the following locations:

GEARS Mining Australia (Head Office)
Toowoomba, Queensland

GEARS Mining Canada
North Bay, Ontario

Salt Lake City, Utah

GEARS Mining South America
Santiago, Chile

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Onsite Maintenance

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Choosing the correct company to support your needs for equipment and maintenance is vital to enhancing your productivity. We realise that you have specific demands for your company, and welcome all enquiries to discuss the solutions we can provide.


Head Office (Australia)
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

GEARS Mining Perth
Perth, Western Australia

Canada Office
North Bay, Ontario


USA Office
Salt Lake City, Utah

South America Office
Santiago, Chile